The Importance of Intellectual Curiosity in Great Software Engineers

Intellectual Curiosity

The top software engineers tend to be continually investigating new tools and technologies. They are curious about the latest and greatest, and like to be on the bleeding edge of technology.

Potential Interview Questions to Identity Intellectual Curiosity

What You Know About <Cutting-Edge-Technology X>?


This question is usually asked to help determine what kind of technology awareness you have. Do you know what is trending in the industry? The interviewer won't necessary expect that you will have experience with this technology. However, they would like you to have a general awareness of what the technology is, what the appropriate use-cases and context are, and a basic understanding of how it works. You may get a number of these types of questions on differing technologies, even if those technologies aren't listed on your resume.

Good Response

  • "While I don't have specific experience with this technology, I've done a little research on it. I know that it's typically used for these types of scenarios and use cases... [Enumeration of appropriate use cases]. I also created a proof-of-concept just to get a basic understanding of how this technology could be leveraged at my current company."

Poor Response

  • "I haven't gotten the opportunity to work with this technology, and so I really don't know anything about it." [While it's ok to admit that you don't have knowledge on a certain technology, it's not ok to say you haven't gotten the opportunity to work with it. Motivated individuals will make their own opportunities to learn about various technologies.]

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